The Deer Hunter

It’s a new mini project! Been a while since I done one of those, huh? To be honest, this started because I was trying to think of a series to do for Stardust and it occurred to me I could blog it too. Full disclosure, because I wanted to release this all on consecutive days on The ‘Dust, but needed time to do my homework, I’m writing these as I watch the movies, but not posting them until they correspond with my Stardust posts.

Enough already, what’s the project? Meryl Streep’s 21 Oscar nominated performances. I’ve only seen about half of them, so it’s about time I delve into the lot.

First up, first nomination, Best Supporting Actress for The Deer Hunter. The film also won Best Picture and Director and a Supporting Actor victory for Christopher Walken, but we’re here to talk about Meryl. If you want my full thoughts on the movie as a whole, I did write it up for the AFI Project way back when.

It would appear as though the academy began their tradition of nominating Meryl simply for being in a good movie right from the beginning. It goes without saying that she does well, but there really isn’t a whole lot going on for her. This movie is really all about DeNiro and Walken.

Taking a look at the other nominees that year, I haven’t even heard of any of the films she was up against in her category. She lost out to Maggie Smith (yes, duh, I know her, but not her winning film) but I don’t even recognize the other actresses here.

Okay then we can (and I know we will) only go up from here!