October, Part 2

I’d initially thought Part 2 would be longer, esp since (as previously mentioned) I intended to include SoHo. But since I’m on a roll, might as well wrap this up. Besides, next up is Eternals and I’ll likely have thoughts.

Halloween Kills – I really liked the 2018 Halloween, so I went in with optimism. Caught a screening with a friend who’s majorly into this type of slasher flick and had put together a motley crew of friends to go. Which is what made me feel bad about my negative opinion of the film. There was zero plot or arc or anything to move it forward. The whole thing felt like we were just waiting for the next kill, most of which weren’t that exciting, and then I’d be bored in between. I first attributed it towards my general feelings of horror movies (like its original era slasher) that relied more on kill than story, but it seems much of the world at large sided with my opinion. Also, could the people of that town be any dumber?

Dune – How did you feel about Blade Runner 2049? Because that’s likely how you’ll feel about Dune. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous to look at (esp in Dolby) but slow as all hell. So slow, that I completely fell asleep thru the second half, even with the Dolby sound shaking my seat thru all the action sequences. I wanted to love it. I wanted to be absorbed in the world. Maybe I just need to do what I did with 2049. I was frustrated by the lack of story movement on the first watch, but ended up at a second. That time, since I already knew where it was all going, I could really focus on the artistry and visuals and appreciated them so much more. May or may not get to it.

The French Dispatch – I went into this with what I felt were appropriate expectations. I have nothing but mad respect for Wes Anderson. He’s one of the few filmmakers where you can see any ten second clip of his work and immediately identify it as his, even if you’ve never seen it before. But I just don’t care for his overly cutesy setups and quirky storylines. Not my thing, and that’s okay. I expected it not to be. Yet I was kinda into it. The film was split into three stories. The first and last were fine, but I was really into the middle one (Timothee Chalamet and Francis McDormand). Chalamet thoroughly understood the assignment, and was far more engaging than the typical wooden toy in Anderson’s dollhouse approach that most of the rest of his playmates tend to take. The shorter format kept me wanting more, and I’ll take that as a victory.

The Last Duel – Oooh almost missed this one. This was one of those, ugh-I-have-to-go-don’t-I movies, mostly because I wanted to see Matt and Ben reunited as screenwriters, even if I had minimal interest in this type of period piece. Plus Adam Driver is always a welcome incentive. Took a little bit to get into it, but then I really enjoyed it. Mostly, I liked the storytelling. We get one story told from three perspectives. The first one felt a bit like it was missing pieces, but that was kinda the point. Then we get a bit more of the picture with new scenes and different perspectives on ones we saw before. Yet it’s not until we get the third side that we really see it all, and even then the earlier views make it a little hazy. There’s some controversy about whether or not the subject matter was handled in the best and most effective way, which I won’t get into. For my part, I just appreciate the way that story was told as well as the fact that this type of story is being brought to light.