Bill and Ted Face the Music

Wow, did I need this movie. So desperately. The world needs this movie. I’m so thankful that they went with a day and date release (theaters and VOD). Outside a pandemic world, I fully believe in “the window”, where films get a theatrical release first and then home availability. But with no theaters open in my area, and safety concerns where they are open, making this film available with multiple options for all audiences was a classy and correct move. Because I’m convinced that if anybody can heal the world, it’s Bill S Preston, Esq and Ted Theodore Logan.

When we previously met our righteous duo, they traveled thru time and to hell and back to save the world. They were destined to write the song that would one day unite the world. Little things like death and a history report weren’t gonna stop them. Fast forward to today, thirty years after they went on their Bogus Journey, and they still haven’t written the dang song. They’ve got happy lives with their princesses and daughters, but Wyld Stallyns have seen better days. They are visited by an inhabitant from the future, who tells them that they need to write the song by that evening or the whole time continuum will collapse. It’s not like they haven’t been trying to write this dang thing for thirty years, so they get the idea to borrow their trusty old phonebooth and head into the future. Surely one of their future selves already know the song, yeah?

The film is flawed for sure, but if you’ve seen the first two installments, you knew that. It takes a while to find its groove, and as with any distant sequel, it’s work to pull you back into their world. But there’s a reason that Bill and Ted have endured for as long as they have, and why these films work when all the odds say they shouldn’t: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are such beautifully pure souls, and they pour that wholesomeness into their characters. They really true believe that something as simple as a song can save the world, and because they believe it, Bill and Ted believe it. And because Bill and Ted believe it, we believe it. So we go on these excellent adventures and have a great time because we share in the same hope.

I absolutely loved their daughters and thought they were the strongest addition to the film. They were more Bill and Ted-esque than the actual Bill and Ted in the film. It was a great way to carry on the attitude we’d expect from our original duo, but allow them to be just a tad more grown up. I’d actually love a spin off centered on Billie and Thea, words I never thought I’d say. I would have expected such a suggestion to feel like a rip off sequel, but I think they could really pull it off, provided Dads show up for some support.

Another thing I loved was how well this paid homage to both of the films. The writers found a way to get us to travel through time and to hell, bringing jokes full circle and saying hello to characters from across the ages. It was almost too ambitious to juggle it all (I’d say maybe the princess storyline was unnecessary, but I love the idea of bringing them to the forefront) but it all came together while still adding fresh new elements to the mix.

But what it really all came down to was the final act. No spoilers, but those last 15 minutes healed my heart. I felt so uplifted and hopeful and happy in a way that’s very difficult to achieve in 2020. I’m even getting teary thinking about how beautifully everything concluded. These guys really can save the world

Bill & Ted Face the Music – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/