Sometime back, I saw an article that mentioned that Quentin Tarantino highly regarded Unstoppable as one of his favorite films of the past ten years. Srsly, that movie? Isn’t it kinda basic? I added it to my watch pile anyways. In Tarantino we trust.

There’s a runaway train, loaded with hazardous materials, and headed for population. A couple good guys on a second train try to catch it. Even with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington in the lead roles, I’d skipped it in theaters. It just seemed to simplistic, and I couldn’t believe there’d be anything great about it. I eventually got it as part of a Black Friday haul, and very much enjoyed watching it. Then I mostly forgot about it. Tarantino’s comments made me remember that this was a good movie, I just didn’t remember how good.

Yes, the story is straight forward and simple. It’s also very real and grounded, in a way that few Hollywood movies are. On top of that, it’s hella suspenseful. As in one of the best thrill rides of my quarantine viewing. You don’t get that combination of realism and suspense in too many films. Maybe my boy QT was on to something.

I’d even argue that this film fits the positivity rule. Yes I was stressed watching it, but it was a good stress. And there was no existential crisis or bad guys that make me question my faith in humanity. It was very human, and showed the good in people (mostly, cause there were some less than good ones). It was true escapism at its best, with just about everything I’d want in a film, even if it came in a rather unassuming package. I’ll hafta remember this one as a go-to recommendation in the future