The First Wives Club

Why did no one make me watch this before? Well technically, I guess I’d tried watching it once. I bought it shortly after Jennifer Lawrence quote this in her Golden Globes acceptance speech and pissed off a bunch of people who didn’t get the reference. For whatever reason, I didn’t pay attention when I watched it. However, it did make for a glorious quarantine rewatch

Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn (srsly, you should be sold already) were best friends in college, but lost touch over the years. They’re reunited when their other once close friend (Stockard Channing) dies by suicide, after her husband abandons her for a younger woman, leaving her life in tatters. The trio are also in varying stages of separation from their men, and they realize that what they’ll need to get thru is the support of each other, and maybe a little revenge.

I loved every second of this movie. The plot is original and engaging. Almost infuriatingly so because a female driven story like this shouldn’t be such a unicorn, but here we are. I was swept up in every scheme, salivating to see them all play out. It was funny as hell too. These ladies are Hollywood royalty and can bring the funny like no one else. It made me want to watch everything any of them have ever made. Hawn particularly stood out to me. I love her more and more with every film I see.

Besides our trio (who owned this movie) there were a lot of familiar faces also bringing their A game. Again, just such an overall perfect film. I wish I had known this one inside and out for years, but it was a joy to get to discover for effectively the first time. I want more of this.