I have a new laptop! First blog post on it, as I try to get it done before my Zoom yoga class with my Boston studio. So let’s cut right to it.

My second foray into Alamo at Home didn’t go as well for me, but it’s entirely my fault. Curse my short attention span! I was still torn between several high priority movies I’d added to my list, but I felt drawn to Burning. It’s 2.5 hour run time was a little daunting, but I’d been getting in a bunch of longer movies this weekend anyways, so I figured why not. This movie really made me miss theaters, not that I hadn’t been already. Although a small victory was that I was able to successfully broadcast it over my network onto my tv without internet issues, so I’ll take that win.

This Korean film is a very slow burn (no pun intended) about a loner who gets fascinated with a girl he used to know from school and her new rich guy friend. I feel like I can’t really explain too much more without just giving the whole story, but discovering it as it plays out is the excitement of the film.

Unfortunately, because of said short attention span at home, especially when dealing with subtitles and a slower paced film, I just couldn’t stick with it. I recognize that I should have felt a slowly growing tension throughout, but for me it was more a frustration that things weren’t moving. Then there’s the problem that to keep my brain focused, I have to keep my hands busy, so I could only spare my eyes from my crochet for long enough to read the subtitles. That meant I couldn’t fully appreciate the cinematography, but the gorgeous colors did permeate my living room.

Immediately when it ended I texted a film buff friend of mine and asked if he’d seen it. I needed to untangle what it was all about. Unfortunately he hadn’t, so I spent the next half hour until Best Buy’s weekly sales switched over and I could go shopping scouring the internet to find explanations of what I just watched. It all came down to one thing: I completely missed the point. And again, that’s on me. So I’ll still mostly be sticking to rewatches, with one new Alamo rental every week cause it’s literally the least I can do to support them