I bricked my laptop. Empowered by how I was able to take apart and reassemble my tower fan to stop it from making noise, I took apart my laptop to replace the super loud fans that were annoying me. Apparently I shorted something. So a new laptop is on it’s way. Two months after the warranty on the old one expired. I do have my work laptop, but I decided to try and take as much of a computer break as I can over the weekend. My eyes could sure use it. But old habits die hard, so I wanted to get in at least one post. After all, there’s a newly launched Alamo On Demand platform to talk about!

I’d mentioned a couple weeks ago that they had a few movies to rent on their site. That whole platform has been revamped to one that they’ve got better control over and more options to present. As it states on the site, any film that’s available is one that Alamo wants you to watch. There’s a whole selection of Terror Tuesdays and Weird Wednesdays, along with some Fantastic Fest selections and other content that is 100% on brand for them. The technology is a bit basic (for now) but absolutely worth it for the opportunity to support my favorite theater. And a great excuse for watching some new films while I’m mostly just revisiting things on my own movie wall.

I quickly made a long wish list of stuff I wanted to see (it does let you save your wish list for easy access later). I narrowed it down to 5 high priority films to choose from for week 1. Bodied is what I was most drawn to. I’ve heard various friends in the Stardust community rave about it, but I knew almost zero else about it otherwise. But I trust Stardust friends, and I trust Alamo.

Bodied is about a nerdy white guy who gets really into the rap battle scene. His interest starts off from a purely academic standpoint. He’s studying it for his thesis, fascinated by the scene and how it compares to the slam poetry he’s loved. Soon he stumbles into a few battles himself, and the whole thing shoots of from there.

The writing on this movie is incredible. It’s everything you want. It’s funny, it’s tense, it’s dramatic, it’s woke, it’s thought provoking. It will leave you questioning so much about the society we’re living in, and why things work the way they do, and do things even need to be that way. But the humor is what hooks you in to begin with, especially with the sharp rhymes being dropped in the battles. I dare not say too much more because this is certainly a movie to experience and let your jaw drop. I will say it was a great start to my new weekly Alamo at Home tradition!