Winter’s Bone

This movie is pretty well known for being Jennifer Lawrence’s big break and first Oscar nomination, but I hadn’t realized it was up for a couple others including Best Picture. I’d barely remembered watching it the first time around.

J-Law is a teenager in the Ozarks who is left to take care of her family, including two small children and an ill mother. Without much money to their name, she scrapes by to provide for the household as best as she can. Her criminal father goes missing, and it’s up to her to locate him before his upcoming court date or they can lose their house.

It feels insensitive to refer to this film as fascinating, but it really is eye opening seeing the real struggle some people live through in this very country. Especially watching it during lockdown, where I’m doing relatively okay, seeing what it’s like for those who weren’t even okay to begin with, it’s heartbreaking. It’s a very real side of our society that I had no clue about (even having sorta watched the film before).

It’s no wonder that Jennifer Lawrence caught Hollywood’s attention because she really is fantastic here. Such strength and determination and she carried the film just like her character carries her family. Basically everything you saw in her Katniss, but much more raw and stoic. Yup, her career trajectory makes so much sense now.