The Money Pit

Because Turner & Hooch and Big had been such great mood busters for me, I bought a three back of old Tom Hanks comedies. Well there’s a reason that it only cost eight bucks for three movies.

The first one was The Money Pit. Never seen it or even heard of it before, but apparently it’s a beloved comedy for some. Hanks and his lady are forced to quickly look for new housing when her ex suddenly returns and reclaims the apartment they’ve been inhabiting. They end up in a too good to be true mansion outside the city with a suspiciously low price from a granny desperate to unload it. Turns out, it’s the Murphy’s Law of houses, with every piece in dire need of repair. Hilarity ensues?

I suppose it’s hilarious to some, but it just isn’t my style of humor. It was way too over the top, and I found it very difficult to suspend disbelief and just go with it. As a very logical thinker, I find that there’s too many steps they skipped in order to end up in that position (well duh, you wouldn’t have a movie otherwise) and it wasn’t funny enough for me to forgive that.

I can see the charm of this film tho. Tom Hanks and Shelley Long make a good duo, and Hanks really was the only thing that made it watchable for me. They can’t all be winners