Down down baby, down down the rollercoaster. Sweet sweet baby I’ll never let you go.

I used to know that whole thing. I didn’t even know it was a thing. I just learned it as a patty cake rhyme in second grade. We had a bunch of those. The first time I watched Big, I was shocked to see it here. Less shocked to see that I didn’t know the right words

I figured since Tom Hanks was so soothing for my nerves in Turner & Hooch, I’d revisit another young Tom Hanks movie. One that I’ve seen, but didn’t really know like I should . The bet paid off well enough that last night I ordered a three pack of young Tom Hanks movies for later.

I think we know the plot of this one, even if you’ve never seen it, yeah? Thirteen year old kid wishes to be “big” and wakes up as 30 year old Tom Hanks. That’s as much as anyone ever remembers, but it goes beyond that. He gets a job at a toy company and impresses the big big with his childlike spirit enough to get a high level job. For me, that’s the fun of this movie. Seeing an adult having fun in a grown up world. It’s something I try to do (I mean hello, how often do I go to Disney?) and it brought me joy watching that on screen. Granted, he’s supposed to actually be 13, but it’s not that different. And that’s def the kind of attitude I wanna have over the next few weeks while the world is burning around us.