Mother and The Host

Two separate movies. One single post because I don’t know that I can make two substantial ones.

I’d meant for The Host to be the first movie I watched from the Bong Joon-Ho collection. Fairly arbitrary, I think it was just the first one listed. I excitedly put the DVD in at my first opportunity and it didn’t play. Tried again. Took it to the player in the bedroom. FFFFFFF. I tried the other two movies and they played fine (I’d watch Barking Dog later that day). I got Best Buy customer service on the phone (a few hours after signing up for a callback and after a few failed chat attempts). Initially they wanted me to send back the whole set and I’d get a new one when they were in stock in a few weeks. Instead, I talked them into refunding me a third of the purchase price, which was incidentally how much The Host costs by itself anyways. So I ordered the same version that was in the set (it was just a repackaged set, not a new one) and waited.

I watched Mother next, which is one of the ones I’d planned on seeing at Alamo Drafthouse’s Bong Hits series. And I really wish I had seen this in the theater. I tried really hard to stay focused, but I missed things and didn’t quite get the full impact of the story. It also ended up being something completely different from what I expected. As a result, it felt like the film had a smaller impact than it should have.

When I was about 3/4 thru, I looked up the plot synopsis and HOLY BONG I missed so many details. I should have been knocked out cold watching this. I finished the film with the knowledge I should’ve had if I wasn’t so distracted and yeah it was pretty epic. I will certainly need to rewatch this one later.

I had even less luck with watching The Host once it did come in. I think it was just too real for me. It started as a monster movie, but there was a whole quarantine aspect, and nuh uh, I noped out. By noped out, I mean, I kept it on, but was actively doing other things, and since I don’t understand Korean, I really had no clue what was happening. Again, will need to watch this one later. But not yet.