I didn’t go into this expecting it to be the last movie I’d see in theaters for the foreseeable future. I’d had a ticket for The Birdcage the next afternoon at Alamo that I later reconsidered. There were other Drafthouse screenings I was eyeing. I didn’t even really need to see this movie, I could just fit it into my schedule. I’d felt completely comfortable at Drafthouse the night before, so I figured this sleepy little Marina theater would also be appropriate for social distancing. I watched the trailer one more time in bed that morning and confirmed I was interested enough. Not only would it be my last movie, it would be my last non-essential outing for a while.

Garret Hedlund (whom I’ve loved since Four Brothers) has been raised in the deep south, taken in by a man who leads a local KKK chapter. That mentality is all he’s ever known. He starts dating a young woman (Andrea Riseborough) who tries to get him to turn away from that life, including abandoning the KKK museum that his mentor just opened. For help, he turns to an African American pastor (Forrest Whitaker) who has been protesting the museum.

It’s pretty by the numbers. Interesting story (that I didn’t realize was true until the end credits) but not as powerful as I was hoping. Sure, nothing is ever gonna touch American History X on that front, but I still wanted a little more from this. Honestly, the whole experience is dampered for me by what this final trip to the movies meant that I can’t even think too objectively about the film itself.

So yeah, with that, God only knows when I’m next going to the theater. You bet your ass I’ll be there as soon as they reopen, which I hope is quick. Not just because I miss the movies (honestly, as an introvert I’m kinda thriving in my little cave and am perfectly happy to stay here) but because it’s my livelihood. You may recall I’m currently employed by a company that provides software for a large share of theaters across the world. With theaters shut down, they can’t pay their bills, one of which is us. So here’s hoping we all come out together on the other side. If we get to the point where we’re in trouble, I fear it’s indicative of an even larger trouble for the world and country as a whole.

Well I don’t wanna pause this blog on such a bleak note. I am getting in A LOT of movie watching at home (hence why I said I’m thriving here). I don’t have specific blog plans yet, but we’ll see what I’m inspired to write about. I’m sure there’ll be something noteworthy I watch. Until then, stay safe, stay inside, and keep on keeping on.