The Hunt

I love a good movie controversy, and this one was a doozy. Shoulda been released months ago, but it’s politically charged story offended people (gasp). So it got pulled. And then rereleased with a great poster that I’d want for my wall if I enjoyed the movie more. Turns out, its bark was more effective than its bite.

The latest take on The Most Dangerous Game pits red vs blue. An assortment of rednecks and deplorables and such are rounded up and set loose on a mysterious manner, where they’re to be hunted by some elite snowflakes. Nobody comes out of this looking good, so obviously you could see why people were upset just from the premise when no one had even seen the movie yet.

There were some things I liked. The humor is pretty twisted. The violence is heavy and unexpected. Betty Gilpin (you may know her from Glow) is fantastic. But overall, it felt like it was trying too hard to be controversial without really knowing what it wanted to say. It’s very much an equal opportunity offender, but didn’t feel like it had much of a mission besides upsetting people. It doesn’t take sides (which could be a good thing if done right) but doesn’t go further than “Hey look at this self righteous person!” “Now look at this one!” I wanted it to give me something to think about, not roll my eyes at.

The Hunt – \m/ \m/ \m/