Guns Akimbo

There are few Hollywood careers I respect like Daniel Radcliffe’s. He established himself and made his money in HP. Since then, he hasn’t done any high profile money makers. He’s done lots of indie and quirky stuff. Things that allow him to show his range (Jungle, Imperium), try new skills (How to Succeed… on Broadway), or just have some quirky fun (Swiss Army Man). So when photos started surfacing of him in a bathrobe holding guns with a crazy expression, I knew whatever that movie was I’d have to see it. Even if it mean that there were only 10PM screenings for one weekend only. As soon as I saw the trailer it was a done deal. This was a ME movie in the most bonkers way.

Radcliffe is a disaffected millennial, who thinks of himself as a superhero for trolling all the trolls online. He finds a new forum, the comments section of a live streaming death match in the streets, where he trolls the wrong person. They break into his home, surgically attach guns to his hands, and give this normal dude 24 hours to try and take down a psycho killer opponent. This film lives somewhere in the Venn diagram of Crank, Upgrade, Hardcore Henry, and Nerve.

This film delivered everything the trailer promised on, namely a twisted sense of humor and relentless bonkers violence. Very appropriate for me to use my freebie bday ticket from Arclight. There really isn’t much more to it than that. It’s all the adrenaline I was hoping for (sadly not enough to keep me fully awake, as hard as I tried, but it’s not my fault the film started at my actual bedtime). I want more movies like this

Guns Akimbo – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/