The Rhythm Section

I can’t seem to stop calling this The Rhythm Method. That would be a completely different movie.

I went back and forth so many times on if I was gonna see this movie. I changed my ticket like three times deciding. It looked bland. The reviews were tepid, with the main positive being that Blake Lively was good (other than A Simple Favor, I still haven’t joined the Blake train). But the one sentence summary intrigued me. Girl finds out plane crash that killed her family wasn’t an accident. Oooh what was it?

I know I’m usually spoiler free, but I’ll say it since it was in the first act: terrorists. Just terorrists. Maybe there was more to it past that, but I wouldn’t know. I fell asleep.

I was watching the first bit and was okay on it. It was really slow moving and nothing unexpected was happening. I kept fighting off the sleepy I was feeling since I jumped in my truck to drive over. Right around when Jude Law shows up, I realized nothign was gonna happen was it? No probably not. And I gave up. At least the seats were comfy

The Rhythm Section – \m/