Bad Boys For Life

Seriously, I’m giving up on Fantasy Movie League. This one overperformed and blew my lineup out of the water (I generally avoid the in this case not overpriced big release). Although I think the bigger surprise (because really, we all knew Will Smith can open a movie) was that this 17 year delayed sequel is actually good. Not great, but good

Right so the aging bad boys are still in action after 25 years on the force. Martin Lawrence is thinking of retirement while Will Smith is chasing a bad guy (not the same as a bad boy) against orders. Pretty typical cop stuff. Also, they really do say the phrase “bad boys” A LOT. Like take-a-drink-every-time-they-say-it a lot, and you’ll end up quite pleasantly drunk I’m sure.

What do you want out of a bad boys movie? You want action and you want funny. This definitely had both. Just enough to scratch the itch, but not enough to really push it over the edge into the truly special film category. Where it came close was with the supporting cast. The boys were working with a tactical team (who included among them Vanessa Hudgens and Charles Melton), and they owned most of my favorite moments. Honestly, I almost would have preferred a whole film based around them over them being second string to a couple of bigger names.

But yeah, all the pieces were there, and it gave me exactly what I was expecting. Maybe slightly more since being a January release lowers the bar a bit. I still left wanting just a little more

Bad Boys For Life – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n