Like a Boss

I am all for a female driven comedy, especially with non-romantic storylines. With this movie, we get a pair of sister-esque BFF’s (Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish) who run a small cosmetics company. When their company gets bought by a big brand, their evil new boss (Salma Hayek) is determined to break apart their friendship. Because reasons.

Here’s what worked. I really really liked our lead duo. They were the right amount of crazy to be funny without being weird. Their backstory was strong. The chemsitry was good. And I do generally love both of them very much. They were just in the wrong movie.

They needed something grounded like Bridesmaids, just silly enough, but nothing too implausible (maybe outside of the fitting scene). This movie was WAY over the top. The conflict was really forced and hard to buy why it was happening other than we-need-a-reason-to-break-them-up. It was just lazy writing. And then I thought Salma Hayek’s character was too much (more blame on the writing than the acting tho). No, you’re not supposed to like her, but you’re not supposta be so annoyed by her that you’re desperate for this 80 minute movie to be over. Apparently there was some crazy bad editing too, but I didn’t notice that as much. I think I was trying to crawl into the back corner of my seat, far from the screen and from the lady next to me who was loudly reacting to everything.

Like a Boss – \m/ \m/