Spies in Disguise

I only went to this movie to get outta the house for a couple hours. I’d been in Texas for a week, with only a couple days to go. As much as I loved sitting on the couch with Mom’s dog and my crochet, I could only take so much (esp when Mom was always hovering and talking nonstop). But since I’ve been on top of the new releases (including some early screenings back in LA) Spies in Disguise was really my only option. I’d sworn off seeing animated films just for the voice cast, and didn’t have too much interest, but I really wanted a milkshake from Drafthouse. In retrospect, I prolly coulda just gotten a milkshake elsewhere and brought it back to the couch.

Will Smith voices an animated Idris Elba as James Bond type of character who’s gotten himself into some trouble (really it’s cause of a dude with a robo arm that can make himself look like animated agent sexy). His only hope is a dweeby little techie idealist voiced by Tom Holland. Basic enough, yeah? Oh and did I mention that science nerd accidentally turns our super spy into a pigeon?

The whole thing was straightup kids stuff as expected. No meta humor like Lego or deeply emotional story like Pixar. Just something to keep the muchkins busy for two hours (I guess by this definition, I counted as a munchkin for the day). I didn’t find it particularly funny or clever, and except for really liking Holland’s character, I didn’t connect with the film. And that’s okay. This movie wasn’t made for me. It was made for the group of little ones sitting on the other end of the row that were laughing the entire time. It clearly has their approval. It doesn’t need mine.

Spies in Disguise – \m/ \m/