21 Bridges

Black Friday morning is for shopping. Black Friday afternoon is for movies. Preferably something not requiring much brain power because I’m tired, especially after a super long day at Disney before waking up early to be at Target when it opens.

Chadwick Boseman is a cop in NYC. Bad guys kill some cops late at night, so in order to catch them before they get off the island, the island is shut down. No way in or out. Baddies are trapped. Cops go to work.

Watching this movie, it felt like something I woulda caught my dad viewing on tv. He prolly woulda really dug it. I found it incredibly lacking, despite the enormous potential. Shutting down all of NYC? Cool! Oh, but it’s just playing out like any other cop film, just a little faster. Hey that’s a lot of blood, but not a lot of creativity in the shots. Okay big shift in the story, that’ll help. Nope, now I just figured out all of the plot and can now call every beat before they happen. Awesome.

The cast was far better than the film deserved. Not only Chadwick Boseman but JK Simmons, Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitsch, all of them great. Just not doing anything too exciting. I really did like Boseman’s character, fiercely moral but no hesitation to do what’s required to get the job done. If he had a less hackneyed story to work with, it could have really been something great. Instead it almost felt like he’d just wandered into the wrong cop drama. I’m sure there’s a good one out there for him, but this wasn’t it.

I guess I got my mindless Black Friday film. Careful what you wish for I guess

21 Bridges – \m/ \m/ \n

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