Charlie’s Angels

Yes, it’s another reboot of Charlie’s Angels. This time it’s Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. But we do find ways to tie this back in to the series and the Cameron/Drew/Lucy version. It’s fun, and full of all the girl power, but not a whole lot memorable otherwise.

I mean I suppose it’s a good thing to know that the ladies can make a mediocre run of the mill action flick like the guys can, I just would have wanted more. I did really enjoy the credits sequence, which had a lot of fun moments, but that wasn’t as much the vibe throughout the rest of the film.

There was one standout for me though and that was Kristen Stewart. I absolutely loved her as an Angel. Post-Twilight, she’s worked hard to keep true to her authentic self instead of conforming to the mold that Hollywood wants for its leading ladies. On screen she takes very unique and interesting roles, and off screen she’s outspoken and quite the character herself. This is the first film where I really feel like we saw her own personality in there. To start with, I love that they didn’t sanitize her appearance. She keeps her short bleach blonde do and her ink, which may have been scandalous for an Angel back in the day. But what I really loved was her kinda dark sense of humor. She wasn’t this picture perfect lady, she had bite and balls and I adored her. I just wish the rest of the film was able to keep up with her unconventional style instead of being kinda basic.

Charlie’s Angels – \m/ \m/ \m/

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