Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

ExpletiveDleted just turned 10! My first post was for Toy Story, kicking off the AFI project, and I posted it on Oct 15, 2019. I never quite figured out a way to celebrate with all six of you readers, so I’d just sorta forgotten about it. I heard about Kevin Smith bringing Jay And Silent Bob Reboot to theaters for two nights only as a Fathom Event, so of course I had to get a ticket. Then I realized what day it was on. Why is that significant? Because ExpletiveDleted got its name from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. So I suppose that counts as a way to celebrate.

After dabbling in things like horror and other people’s movies, and having a life view changing heart attack, Kevin Smith is back in the View Askiewniverse, which is where he’s always belonged and done his best work. Because he felt people weren’t actually clamoring for this film (I kinda beg to differ) he decided to forgo the traditional release. Instead it was being shown on one night with bonus footage (when I saw it) or another night as a double with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (tempting, but I didn’t wanna miss Zombieland opening night) or he’d be taking it on tour with Jason Mewes (I’m still bitter about how much I paid for the Red State tour).

While the real world is in order with Smith back in his happy place, his world is not in order. The Bluntman and Chronic film that Jay and Silent Bob had tried so hard to stop before giving in is now being rebooted. Of course they can’t let this one happen, so once again they’re hitting the road from outside the Quick Stop to the big Hollywood studio. They meet a lot of new and familiar faces along the way (including Jay’s daughter played by Kevin Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith). And we also learn the difference between a remake and a reboot, but I couldn’t even possibly begin to tell you what that is.

This film is definitely for the fans. It throws back to every single one of Smith’s films (except maybe Red State? I don’t remember catching that one). You can’t go five minutes without seeing a cool person, trying to recognize their connection to the Askewniverse, and almost everyone you’d wanna see is in it (or at least mentioned). But the number one fan this fanservice film is truly servicing is Kevin Smith. He’s one of the few writer/directors who can get away with that because making him happy makes us happy. It gives us his best and funniest material, and reminds me exactly why I’ve loved him for so long. I’m thrilled to welcome him back to the ‘Verse, and I’m excited to see what’s next

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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