Brittany Runs a Marathon

Not sure if I mentioned this yet, but work just moved to a new office and the new office has a free gym. I’m beating the morning rush hour traffic and getting there early to watch an episode of The Office while I hop on a bike. Then I try and get in either another episode or some yoga at the end of the day when I can. I did so before seeing Brittany and then raced across town to catch my screening, picking up a medium orange chicken from Panda Express on my way in. I already had a Bordeux Bar from Sees in my purse that I’d preemptively gotten the day before. Nothing like some junk food to shame you into thinking your life is not in order, even though I’ve got a few of my ducks lined up properly.

Jillian Bell is Brittany, a millennial whose life is not in any sort of order. Employment is spotty, health is subpar, priorities are out of whack. Life stuff happens, so she picks up running as a hobby to try and get at least some semblance of order. Pretty soon she decides to start training for the NYC marathon with her new running friends. Things don’t entirely end up going to plan, but it’s a funny journey to the finish line.

As funny as it was, it was kinda hard to watch. First off, I couldn’t help but feel attacked as I was watching act one Brittany chowing down on donuts and I’m eating Panda and chocolate. But it was more the second act I took issue with. The story looked like it was going in a certain (cliche) direction, which had me judging myself and my life choices way too harshly. As much as I’m trying to get stuff together, I was feeling like it wasn’t enough. Then she goes a bit self destructive, which is always a tough watch.

The third act of the film redeemed itself tho. There was some course correction that had it ultimately land on a healthy and positive message. I was also thrilled to see Bell in a leading role, and one that is more grounded than her absurd bit parts she tends to land. But even if the last few miles of this marathon were fantastic, I’m not sure if it was worth what it took to get there

Brittany Runs a Marathon – \m/ \m/ \m/

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