The Matrix

Was trying to figure out what movie(s) to see over Labor Day weekend. No wide new releases. Some August graveyard stuff I could see, but nothing I needed to get in. Then I saw that there was a rerelease screening of The Matrix in Dolby no less. Best possible thing I could have picked to watch

We know this movie, yeah? I don’t need to explain it? I’ve seen it countless times, but it’s been years since the last one and never on the big screen. The film was simultaneously new and familiar to me. Some sequences on the big digital screen were like I was seeing them for the first time, as bits of dialog popped into my head just in time to mouth along with the actors.

The effects hold up. There’s a few of the more computerized ones that had a slightly less HD quality on the screen, but it still looked flawless. If anything, it was the dialog that didn’t age as well. For every iconic line, there was a clunky use of the word “computer”.

Really all I gotta say is if this is playing near you at any point, go! The first time I saw this movie was on a tiny little TV in the school library over a couple of lunch breaks. A giant screen with a killer sound system is the way it’s meant to be watched, and it makes such an impact

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