Good Boys

If Seth Rogen’s name is on a comedy, I am so there. With Evan Goldberg? Shut up and take my money. I realized after that they were only on as producers (not writers/directors) but their fingerprints were still all over this movie. Every generation has their naughty high school comedy classic. This time that generation is not been old enough to see it.

A trio of tween besties get up to some boys will be boys shennanigans. That’s basically all you need to know. But these are kids of the new millennium. They know things they’re not supposed to, and they’re more woke than anyone else we’ve seen in the genre. Anyways, there’s a plot but I argue that it’s not that important. What is important is these dudes hanging out and the hilarious and dirty words that come out of their mouth.

Your first thought is that the humor is prolly all based in little kids saying big people things. That’s part of it for sure. But there’s also a part where they don’t actually know what they’re saying, so it comes out wrong to a hilarious degree. I really appreciated that bit of humor going the extra mile. And as I said earlier, these kids are woke (or at least trying to be). They talk about honesty and consent and other important ideas that this genre has typically thrown out the window, making it one of the few that truly deserves to endure as a representation of its generation.

These boys are incredible. You may recognize Jacob Trembley. He was the little kid in Room who really shoulda gotten an Oscar nod, but did we wanna give one to a 6 year old (um, yes!). He’s shown up in a few movies here and there since, but none of them have been like this. And he owned it. I knew that kid was gonna have a very bright future, and this proves he’s on the right track (plus it’s a smart career movie to vary up the resume). Our other boys, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon, kept up (maybe even walked off with bits of the movie).

I will say my bar for this was super high, so I’m not sure that we quite hit it, but I still found it absolutely hilarious (esp once we got past the jokes that were in the trailers). My post might not make it sound the most exciting, but it’s tough to write a G rated write up about a very R rated movie. And I’m not even gonna come close to being half as clever

Good Boys – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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