There’s a certain level of expectation when Sam Raimi’s name is attached to genre film, even if he’s just a producer. His involvement suggests a really fun time with some crazy gore and overall insanity. I was gonna hold off to see this until next weekend in NYC, but the initial buzz was so positive, I thought it was worth giving up two episodes of the Sopranos on my Sunday afternoon to go see it (and finish off my gift card on an amazing Oreo milkshake). Maybe that Raimi bar was set just a little too high.

There’s a hurricane in Florida (big surprise) and there are alligators (bigger surprise). And the alligators enjoy chomping on people. There is a framing story of a daughter going to check on her kinda estranged father and they get stuck under their house (because reasons) which is now flooding and filling with large reptiles with big teeth. Conveniently she’s a competitive swimmer. Methinks that skill may come in very handy in this movie…

I was expecting something really bonkers and gory (again, Sam Raimi). Turns out it was more of a realistic horror. There was some alligator action, but not to the level I’d hoped for. It was more about suspense and a claustrophobic one at that. The film did a good job in making you feel trapped, but it did seem to me like they spent way too long in one location without enough really happening.

It all felt like it was trending in the right direction, but nothing went far enough for me. I was talking to a coworker about it this morning
-So you wanted more gore and alligators tearing people’s limbs apart and blood and stuff?!
-YEAH! There wasn’t enough
-I think you need help
Maybe I do need help. But right now, all I want is more from this movie. And maybe another one of those oreo milkshakes

Crawl – \m/ \m/ \m/

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