Late Night

I’ve read Mindy Kaling’s books, so I know she’s a great writer. Turns out, she’s great at writing screenplays as well (not that I ever had any doubts)

Emma Thompson stars as the host of a late night talk show. While she was once the queen of ratings, her show has stagnated over the last decade, and she’s now faced with the possibility of her reign coming to an end. In an attempt to shake things up and save her show, she hires Mindy Kaling to diversify her writers room that’s otherwise full of white dudes. Normally this is where I’d say hilarity ensues, and while it was in fact very funny, it feels kinda patronizing.

When you think of a comedy, you think of something silly and slapstick and superficial. Not always, and I don’t mean to negatively stereotype, but that’s usually where your brain goes first. Late Night has the weight of a drama. The characters are complex and fully realized. There’s some insightful social commentary. There’s tangible stakes in the plot, and I loved getting a peek behind the curtain of a world I’m fascinated by. And yes, funny as hell.

Emma was absolutely relishing the role that Mindy wrote for her. Part of me was heartbroken to see that because I recognize it’s the dearth of meaty roles for older women that make this one so precious. But the other part of me just loved seeing her in her element. So with that, once again I implore you, support female filmmakers! Go see this movie

Late Night – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n