Godzilla: King of the Monsters

I was not looking forward to this one. I did enjoy the last iteration of Godzilla, as well as Kong: Skull Island (which I’d only heard days before was meant to be connected to this), but I had concerns. For one, I was sick of how often I’d seen the trailer, but mostly, there was nothing about this that excited me. Sure, the monsters would look cool, but would that be enough for me. Not so much.

Normally paragraph two is where I give the plot, but I don’t know that there really is one. Godzilla is back with a bunch of friends and foes across the globe, and he’s our only hope to save the planet or something. Vera Farmiga invented something, but she’s mad at Kyle Chandler. Millie Bobby Brown is getting into trouble while Bradley Whitford is being witty. Godzilla stomps Tokyo or some other interchangeable large city.

The monsters really did look amazing. I saw this on IMAX (not full size, but good enough) and my jaw was agape for the entire third act. It was so beautiful. Had this been a fifteen, even thirty minute short with some big slimy things pawing at each other, I’d have eaten it up. But you stretch it into a 2+ hour movie, I need more. Substance of some sort, more developed plot, more dimensional characters, some bit of protein amidst the creature carbs.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – \m/ \m/

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