John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

Heh, I guess I fell a little behind huh? Had some travel and some friend stuff and basically having fun and keeping busy. Add in the fact that my eyes still hate the computer screen, I didn’t wanna spend the lil bit of rest time I had behind my laptop. #sorrynotsorry

Actually the friend stuff started with an opening night John Wick in IMAX with a buddy. Talk about starting it off with a bang. Cause you know, guns. Lots of guns. Picking up about an hour after Chapter 2 (which as you may recall ended with Ian McShane telling Keanu Reeves he had a one hour head start before it’d be open season on his butt) Wick is on the run for his life about to face off with every hit man on the planet. Violence ensues.

I’ve said many many times that my Daddy raised me to love action movies, and my God would he have loved this one. As with its predecessors, the action is non-freaking-stop. And best of all, it’s practical effect ultra violence. You really don’t get better than that, and John Wick is the best of the best.

What really impressed me though was that every sequence had a different weapon and therefore a different fight style. Guns, knives, samurai swords, fists, a book?! Throughout the whole movie I kept on yelling “oooh!” and “damn” and “oh shiiiiii—“

We got some new additions to the cast. Halle Berry reminded everyone she can kick ass like the best of ’em, but the one that made me really happy to see was Asia Kate Dillon. They fit into this world so well and I was very excited to see them in such a big film. Oh and there’s more doggos now!

I don’t know that I even need to keep talking (blogging). If you’re an action junkie, I assume you’ve already seen this, or else are running out to the theater right now after reading all that. If you’re not into action, you weren’t gonna go anyway were you? You still should tho

John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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