Detective Pikachu

I never got into Pokemon. I was maybe a year or so too old when they first hit the scene (junior high is NOT when you wanna start picking up new kids’ trends), and I just never hopped on that bandwagon. Nearly gave in to play Pokemon Go a few years ago, but concerns about battery and data usage kept me away. Obviously I’m plugged into pop culture enough to know a few basics, but I’ve got so many other fandoms going that I never felt the need to catch ’em all. My interest in seeing this was solely rooted in my love of Ryan Reynolds (who was voicing Pikachu) and the humor I hoped he’d bring.

Okay so we covered Ryan Reynolds if voicing Pikachu, who normally would only say “Pika pika” but for some reason this one kid can hear him. Pikachu and the kid are trying to solve a few mysteries such as why Pikachu has no memory and whether or not the kid’s dad is actually dead from a car crash or alive in hiding somewhere. And there’s some Poke-politics going on in this world as well.

As a n00b, I found it rather easy to slip into the Poke-world. There were elements that were clearly thrown in to explain things that gave just the right amount of info without sidetracking the film. I appreciated it. I also appreciated the humor (as hoped) and goshdarn it those little pocket monsters are so goshdarn cute.

Partway thru tho, I kinda lost interest. I will blame part of it on me being rather tired that day, and I will blame even more on the unnecessary 3D at my screening. It was making my eyes hurt to look at the screen (so much movement, they couldn’t rest and focus) and giving me a headache. However, I did also just stop caring about the story. Clearly, tho, I was never meant to be the target audience for this. And that’s okay. I have it on good authority that those who were did enjoy the film, which is how it should be.

Detective Pikachu – \m/ \m/ \n

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