Her Smell

Surprise last minute movie! With Avengers dominating the larger theaters, it was time to look to the little ones for something else to spend my Saturday on. I’d made a plan to go to my favorite indie down in Santa Monica, with the option to stop by the used bookstore for cheap DVD’s. Then I woke up earlier than expected and decided to go to the first yoga class instead of my usual one, and saw that meant that I’d be able to get in two movies. I’d hafta pay way too much for parking, but maybe I could get MoviePass to work and save me a few bucks (and it actually did work!) I think it was all worth it, but I’m kinda of two minds about this movie.

Elizabeth Moss stars as Becky Something, lead singer of punk girl group Something She. The film shows five different eventful days (or nights) throughout her career from being at the top of the world to hitting rock bottom with the usual addiction issues that come from being a rock star. It’s pretty intense and in your face, with some shaky cinematography that’s reminiscent of Blair Witch.

I was totally digging the first few sections. I saw a couple of older people in the tiny little indie theater walk out (overhearing one say “I don’t care for this”) but as someone who identifies as punk, I was living for the punk rock vibe. The music, the outfits, the color, the rebellion, everything I love about the scene.

What, or I suppose I should say who, I was really blown away by was Elizabeth Moss. Her electric performance felt almost Shakespearean as she’d dive into these seemingly non-stop monologues. Any one of them was worth watching, and they just kept on coming one after another.

Then we got to the fourth section of the film and everything slowed down. I tried to stay with it, but was quickly lulled to sleep. I completely understand why the pace came down, and it made sense for the story to take those turns, I just missed the energy and vibrancy of the earlier bits of the film. I woke up in time for the grand finale, but was still left lacking, without the buzz I felt for the earlier parts of the film.

Her Smell – \m/ \m/ \m/

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