The Curse of La Llorona

You’ve heard me rant enough about the type of horror movies that I like that I prolly don’t hafta get into it again now. Cutting to the chase, this is the type that I’d normally just skip and not think twice about. HOWEVER, this one had a special circumstances exception. La Llorona is a Mexican folktale, meaning that I’d heard her story here and there as a kid. She’s not as ingrained in me as La Chupacabra, so I did need a quick wikipedia refresher, but this film is definitely not the first I’d heard of her. I did still have minimal expectations going in, but thought she was worth a try. I shoulda held out for that Chupacabra movie.

Who is La Llorona? According to the legend, she’s a woman who drowned her kids in a blind and jealous rage when her husband was leaving her for another woman. From then on, in tears she’s searched the riverbank for her children, capturing any other children that cross her path, drowning them thinking they’re her kids.

The film takes her character and makes her into your typical horror movie ghostly beastie, attacking people and making weird stuff happen. She’s going after a single mom (the lovely Linda Cardellini) and her children, a social worker who was unable to save one of her charges’ children from the same ghost lady. It made for a pretty generic horror film. Not very scary, not at all insightful. It’s very poorly written, yet still mostly watchable.

I do absolutely love the Hispanic representation and the idea of bringing some of that culture to life is very exciting. I just feel like we deserve better (we as in the audience, and we as in Hispanics with whom I identify).

The Curse of La Llorona – \m/ \m/

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