Expletive Dleted Top 200

I think I’ve been trying to revamp my top list off and on for the past year or so, but I’ve finally locked it in! I’ve always been curious as to what my top 200 would look like since the last few spots in my top 100 tend to be movies that I just can’t leave out.

Turns out, it seems that when I expand my list that much, movies that I’ve recently rewatched get priority. I made the mistake of starting a Letterboxd right after I locked in my list and I found that lots of films it was reminding me about could have been on here had I made it a week later. Oh well. It’s all for fun anyways, yeah?

For the back 200, I’m just gonna post the list, no commentary, no fancy links on the graph, and it’s not gonna get put on the Top 100 page when I update it shortly.

What I am gonna do is go thru my full list (all 200) on Stardust over the next few weeks (months?). I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about 90% of these on there at least once before, but some of my really old reactions kinda make me cringe now. They’re due for an update.

Oh and a reminder that these are my favorites, not what I’m calling the best. I’m weighing quality against nostalgia and personal preference. In other words, don’t @ me (but actually do @ me with friendly debate)

So without any further ado, here’s the back half of my top 200. The front half will be in my next post

200Cool Hand Luke
199Night at the Museum
198I Feel Pretty
197Joe’s Apartment
196The Lost Boys
195From Dusk Til Dawn
194End of Watch
193Eastern Promises
191The Good Son
190Easy A
189The Fifth Element
188The Italian Job (2003)
187The Client
186The Transporter
185The Professional
184Quiz show
183Top Gun
182The Raid 2
181The Santa Clause
180Tom and Huck
179The Mist
177Beauty and the Beast
176A Very Harold and Kumor Christmas
174Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
173A Star is Born (2018)
172How to Train Your Dragon
171Hell or High Water
170Mad Max: Fury Road
169Children of Men
167Blood Diamond
166Kick Ass
165The Stanford Prison Experiment
164Austin Powers
163Edward Scissorhands
162Little Miss Sunshine
161Slumdog Millionaire
160Swiss Army Man
159School of rock
157Sky High
156Tropic Thunder
155Good Will Hunting
154The Breakfast Club
153(500) Days of Summer
152We Need to Talk About Kevin
151Chasing Amy
150The Lego Movie
149Apt Pupil
148Keeping the Faith
147Indianna Jones
146A Knight’s Tale
145A Christmas Story
144John Wick
143Independence Day
141Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
140Happy Death Day
139Ace Ventura
138The Shawshank Redemption
137Shoot ‘Em Up
136Cabin Fever
135Begin Again
134A Quiet Place
133The Disaster Artist
132The Devil Wears Prada
131Team America: World Plice
129Mulholland Dr
128Can’t Hardly Wait
127Catch Me If You Can
126The Faculty
125Minority Report
123Bubble Boy
118The Sixth Sense
117Tucker & Dale Vs Evil
116Revolutionary Road
114V For Vendetta
113Hedwig and the Angry Inch
111Wonder Woman
110Bohemian Rhapsody
109Back to the Future
108South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut
10710 Things I Hate About You
106Sin City
105The Addams Family
104The Princess Diaries
103Repo: The Genetic Opera
101The Lion King

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