Captive State

I usually run to the movies straight after work on Friday. Last Friday was meant to be no different. I had tickets saved for Captive State at the dine in, with just enough time for a grocery run first. Except, that Friday was also the day the new season of Queer Eye was dropping on Netflix. That Sat was reserved for Disney, which meant that I could maybe get in an episode or two after the movie, but most of it would hafta wait until Sunday. Until I realized, wait, I can just go to the movie on Sunday. Switched my ticket, binged Queer Eye, and made one of the few indisputably good decisions in recent memory.

But we’re talking about Captive State, not Queer Eye. Sorry, henny. Captive State has a really great premise. You know all the scifi movies we’ve got where aliens invade and earth fights back and we win and move on? What happens if we don’t win? What happens if the aliens have taken over and we’ve been under their rule for the past decade? Turns out what happens is you get the same as any other underground rebellion movie, but a far inferior one.

Yep, I was bored. And also confused by how AMC’s dine in kitchen can make a Caesar salad so dang salty. Wasn’t that supposta be the healthy thing on the menu? And wasn’t this movie supposta be some fresh new perspective? John Goodman was great. I thought the role fit him very well, I just wish he had better to work with. I’m also always happy to see Alan Ruck, but again, not enough to save this film. The main cast where some unknowns who lacked the presence or character development to make them interesting. Bummer.

I was getting some major Divergent vibes from the rebellion storyline, even though it didn’t actually have any YA going on. Really, it was somewhere between the space where Children of Men meets District 9, and it wasn’t anywhere near the caliber of either of those.

Captive State – \m/ \n

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