How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

I have loved this series from the moment Hiccup first laid eyes on Toothless. The first one surprised me with its stunning animation and heartwarming characters, plus major bonus points for Viking jokes. The second is a beautifully crafted sequel that logically expands the universe and story. Nearly a decade later, we’ve reached the conclusion of this magical trilogy.

Hiccup has grown up just a bit more and is now chief of Berk. The village has made it their mission to be a dragon sanctuary, as he and his pals have rescued as many winged creatures as they could find. Unfortunately, this high of a concentration of dragons has made them a prime target for dragon hunters, including one with a penchant for killing night furies like Toothless.

To be completely honest, the story was completely predictable this time. I could easily guess what was gonna happen at almost every turn. It didn’t entirely matter. This is another instance where I love the characters so much that I was happy to just spend the time with them. This is a franchise that has really shown tremendous growth for each of them as the films have progressed, and I was enjoying seeing that. Each of the side characters I adore had their own moments to let their quirks shine thru, and I appreciated that.

The animation is as stunning as ever, even seeing it on a plain ol’ 2D screen (the very first one I saw on a full size 8 story IMAX). The Viking jokes I love were still there. Everything that has made this a great series.

When I said I could predict everything that was going to happen, there was one thing I didn’t forsee, which was that I would be absolutely bawling for the last ten minutes or so of the movie. The way they concluded this trilogy (likely for good) was so moving and beautiful. I’m a big animal lover, and to me these creatures are no different from any other (hell, Toothless has basically the same personality as my cat Nosferatu, at least in the first movie). I cried so hard, and then there was an epilogue that tied everything back to these beloved characters and I cried even more. There are few films that can maintain such a level of quality over such a spread out trilogy, and Dragon nailed it.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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