Isn’t It Romantic

Oh God I hate romantic comedies oh so very much. I think we’ve long since established that about me. This movie promised to be the Scream of the genre, the one that points out all the tropes and makes insightful statements about it, but still being a part of the genre. Okay, I’m intrigued. Maybe I can handle this one?

Rebel Wilson (yay!) stars as a woman who hates rom-coms (good so far) who suddenly finds herself stuck in one. As she calls out all those details that often make me want to claw my eyes out she realizes that she has to give in to them in order to get herself out of this altered reality. Enter love interest Liam Hemsworth, the gorgeous billionaire who is more than eager to play that role.

I could get behind the concept, but I wish this went further. For one, though it was infinitely more watchable for me than those atrocious films it parodies, I still didn’t find myself laughing enough. And I think that they could have taken the concept even further. It did a good job of pointing out all the pitfalls of those films, but instead of truly subverting them, it fell victim to all the same plot points. Kind of a missed opportunity.

But I did absolutely adore Rebel Wilson as a leading lady, and I want to see more from her. I also appreciated the positive message of the film, although it looks like that’s starting to become the new cliche of the genre. A much needed positive message, but still cliche territory.

I think I’m gonna still keep avoiding rom-coms, but hopefully this is a sign they’re gonna be more tolerable in the future

Isn’t It Romantic – \m/ \m/ \m/

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