Cold Pursuit

Liam Neeson taking revenge on the people responsible for killing his son. Sounds like the plot of another Taken, yeah? What if I told you it was more like another season of Fargo

So yeah, that’s where it starts. Neeson’s son is killed. He goes after the guy who did it. And the guy who told him to. That the guy that told that guy to. But similarly to the Fargo schlubs that do something shady and get in over their heads, the story spirals into something larger and more complicated than where it started. Oh and it’s set somewhere really cold. Not quite MN, but looks similar

The screenplay really impressed me. It was so smartly written how it continued expanding the story logically, but it was the humor I really connected with. Again, like Fargo, it had this dark humor that you weren’t sure if you should be laughing. There were uncomfortable snickers in the audience more so that full on guffaws. And I loved it. There was this one running gag that started out very simple, not even as a gag that became the highlight of the film for me. Whoever wrote this knew what they were doing

Cold Pursuit – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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