I broke my little corner of the internet. Specifically the one that revolves around Stardust. I found out one of my virtual besties on the app lives close to my hometown, so of couse that meant that we had to meet up and catch a movie together. And we had to do so at the Alamo Drafthouse where we split a few apps and saw the weirdest funniest preshow of obscure Transformers clips.

Wait, but I thought the Transformers franchise was dead, or at least worthy of dying a horrible fiery death? Well kinda, but this one is different. I realized while watching this what most of the Transformers films were missing was the heart. Luckily, Bumblebee is ALL heart. In this prequel, sorta origin story, we get a film that’s sweet and endearing and really funny. Plus, it’s set in the 80’s so there’s a good dose of nostalgia and a great retro soundtrack.

I still felt like there was something missing. Hailee Steinfeld was a great lead. John Cena felt like a bit of a waste (he really didn’t do anything special, for which I blame the writing). The third act dragged on. But it was fun, and certainly more enjoyable than the last couple movies in the franchise put together (sorry Mahky Mahk). I read something comparing this film to ET, and I can kinda see it. The feels are similar, but don’t make me chose which alien friend I love more

Bumblebee – \m/ \m/ \m/

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