Once Upon a Deadpool

I wasn’t sure whether this counted as a new movie, a repeat, or a special. But I have some thoughts, so I’m treating it as a new-ish movie.

Deadpool 2, super successful a few months back. But there were lots of little DeadpoolHeads out there who didn’t get to see it (and I’m guessing the studio has had an ongoing debate about whether a neutered Deadpool would work). So it got a reedit with some new scenes and was released as a holiday family movie. Did it work, eh kinda?

Wait so why would I wanna see a movie I loved for its filth when all the filth was removed? I was a little interested in seeing some new jokes and alternate takes, but I was mostly interested to see the newly added scenes. Fred Savage was “borrowed” to recreate the framing device from The Princess Bride. Plus proceeds were going to charity, so even if I’d lose, someone would win.

I loved the new scenes. One thing the Pool is known for is being very self aware and self referential, so this gave him an opportunity to address all the conversations and criticisms that the film received in the past few months. Personally, I really appreciated that they addressed the whole “fridging” controversy. There was also a really sweet tribute to Stan Lee added in post post credits.

But the rest of the film felt a lil like a slog getting there. If I didn’t know something was specifically missing, it would have felt like something was missing. The editing was weird and the Merc with a Mouth had no bite. I think it’d have been better to just YouTube the new scenes later cause Wade is unquestionably better when he has balls.

Once Upon a Deadpool – \m/ \m/ \m/

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