Ben is Back

Boy Erased, Lucas Hedges goes to conversion therapy. Beautiful Boy, Timothee Chalamet plays a drug addict. Ben is Back, Lucas Hedges plays a drug addict. Got those fall 2018 indie movies straight? This one’s Ben is Back.

Lucas Hedges plays a drug addict. Oh, I said as much. Whereas Beautiful Boy follows the full struggle, Ben is Back follows a single night. It’s Christmas Eve Day and Hedges’ Ben, who is supposed to be in rehab, unexpectedly shows up at home to surprise his mom (a never better Julia Roberts). He’s trying hard to keep it together for mom, sister, step dad, and half sibs, but eventually it falls apart and he ends up leading his mom thru a tour of the worst parts of his life.

This was such an emotionally intense film and I was hanging on every single moment of it. The main reason I felt it so strongly was Julia Roberts. This may be my new favorite performance of hers. We’d see that big and charismatic signature smile of hers, but it was different this time. Now, there was a pain hiding behind it. A look in her eyes saying she was just trying to keep it together. So many emotions conveyed in every single look she gave and every one of them broke my heart. There were so many little details that made it hit harder and harder.

So yeeeaaah if you’re looking for an alternative Christmas film, especially one that’s not exactly upbeat, here’s an option. But no really, this needs to be seen for a variety of reasons. It’s a powerful and emotional film and so incredibly well acted and put together

Ben is Back – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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