In the couple months that I’ve had AMC A-List, I’ve been going to the Dine In theater quite a bit. I’m usually the type to find a favorite dish somewhere and order that 9 times out of ten, but I’ve made my way thru more than half of their menu and I still can’t find that one thing. I’ve come to the realization that their food just isn’t good. It’s unhealthy, overpriced, and all of it leaves me feeling dehydrated. Still, I press on, because the idea sounds better than yet another TV dinner at home.

Rounding off my second four movie weekend in a row, was a Sunday afternoon showing of Widows and a plate of boneless wings (one of the more acceptable food items, and one of the few under 1000 calories, but just barely). Viola Davis finds a notebook left by her criminal late husband Liam Neeson, spelling out the plans for a $5 million heist. When hubby’s cohorts come knocking on her door for the dough he owes them, she enlists the widows of hubby’s crew to pull off the job.

I loved this movie, I was so along for the ride. And judging by the way the auditorium burst into applause several times during the third act, I think everyone else was along for it too. Normally when you hear a plot like this, you think heist thriller, but it was a slower burn than that, more of a drama. A drama where I loved seeing all the pieces fall into place. I’d totally forgotten that Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay, so I was not at all mentally prepared for her signature twists and turns.

Flynn wasn’t the only amazing lady involved. We had a killer quartet of ’em leading the film: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, and Cynthia Erivo. These femme fatales were incredible (Debicki in particular held my attention, but mostly because she hasn’t gotten a great role like this before). If nothing else, the big takeaway from this film should be that female driven films like this need to be a thing. ‘Cause if this is what they can be, we need many many more of them.

Widows – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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