Well it finally happened. Lil Miss I-don’t-get-scared-at-movies was so freaked out, she had to check her apartment for a couple nights after seeing this.

Michael Myers is back and we’re forgetting everything that happened in the 40 years since the first installment. Not only is he back, Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, the ultimate Final Girl, is back as well. We see the psychological toll that Halloween night has had on her and her family. That’s right, we’ve got three generations ready to be terrified as we meet her daughter (Judy Greer, love her) and granddaughter (Andi Matichak).

That aspect is what made this really special. It’s not just another bunch of dumb school kids getting terrorized. We’re seeing what happens down the road, that the true horror isn’t contained to one night. Jamie Lee Curtis really is the best of the best, and she hasn’t lost her touch at all.

So why was Miss Rational Thinker so freaked out? Couple things. One, I love seeing horror movies in crowded theaters. Hearing everyone’s gasps and screams and uncomfortable laughter makes it that much more fun. Plus, it really heightens the suspense. You’re really waiting for each moment and feeling your heart pounding. But more than that, what scared me was Michael himself. The one surefire way to get me scared at a movie is to present seemingly inescapable situations. Michael is an inescapable situation because he’s so quiet and stealthy, you don’t know he’s there until you’re dead. It’s kinda hard to just run away from the bad guy with the knife when you weren’t aware there was a bad guy with a knife to run away from. So yes, I’ve been checking my closet every night.

Halloween – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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