The Sisters Brothers

It’s rare that I find a Western I like. This was not it. And I had such high hopes for it too.

John C Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix are the Sisters Brothers, an infamous duo of assassins. And they’re after Riz Ahmed, a prospector who may have discovered a better way to acquire gold. Somehow Jake Gyllenhaal is involved too. I don’t know, I wasn’t really following; I was so bored.

The main draw for me was the cast. The next draw was the humor that the promos seemed to promise. The cast was superb, but the funny was too thin and scattered. It was more a Western with more comic relief than usual, as opposed to a comedic Western.

Reilly was particularly great in this movie, so I suppose it’s worth watching for him if you’re a fan. But really, he’s got so many better movies. I wouldn’t waste your time unless you’re a true western aficionado. Lord knows I’m not.

The Sisters Brothers – \m/ \n

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