A Star is Born

This has been such a good year for movies. I was gonna start this blog by saying this was one of my most anticipated movies left this year, when I remembered that I’ve got another most anticipated movie to write up this session. Still this really has been one of my most anticipated movies this year. So much so, that I’ll forgive the three months that I couldn’t go to the movies without seeing the same trailer for this movie.

I’m pretty sure this movie has been everywhere and I don’t need to explain it, but here goes. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga lead this remake of the classic story of a women getting discovered and shooting to fame. Yet it’s ultimately a love story. Wait, Dawn was highly anticipating a love story? I mean have you seen that trailer that I said I watched a million times before every movie ever?

I could tell from that trailer that Gaga was gonna be amazing. And I was so excited to see her strip away the facade (not that I don’t love the superstar glam side of her) and be real. She lived up to every expectation I had in that area. The first time she was pulled up to sing on the big stage, I had chills. But the one who truly blew me away was Bradley. I think this may be his all time best performance, and he showed a depth that I did not know was possible. Oh and Sam Elliott was a great treat in his few scenes.

The first act of the film is unbelievable. The emotions felt so real, and the chemistry between the two of them was palpable. You could see it in every look they gave each other. I want to live in the first act. This made me understand why some people love romantic movies.

There are some things I can nitpick about the second act. Namely, a few story choices that I felt either needed to go deeper or get scrapped. But once we got to the ending, all the feels came back and it was powerful.

So yes, like half of America, I have since purchased the soundtrack, and will likely be listening to it all week at work. I really wanna just sneak into a theater to watch the first act again. That alone made the whole movie for me. Plus drag queens. So many bonus points for the drag queens in the movie (I assume I can thank Gaga for that detail)

A Star is Born – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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