White Boy Rick

I did it again. I went to see a movie just because I felt like I had to, not because I really wanted to see it. There mighta been something good I missed! And I wanted to get lunch at the Dine-In, but that ended up being just as mediocre.

White Boy Rick tells the true story of Ricky Wershe Jr, a teenage boy who gets caught up in his father’s hustles, and gets coerced into informing for the FBI, and basically destroys his entire life in the process. Matthew McConaughey plays his father.

This movie was just as “meh” as they can come. The story was mildly interesting, but didn’t have anything to make it feel truly special. McConaughey had a few great scenes, and there was a little kid who stole a scene or two, but otherwise the whole film was flat. The story itself isn’t uninteresting, it’s just tough to stretch into two hours.

Instead of going to the Dine In to watch this with a medicore (and overpriced) lunch, this is more a movie you watch on Netflix while you’re cleaning the apt. At least the trailer will stop playing before every damn movie I go see. That was fun.

White Boy Rick – \m/ \m/

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