A Simple Favor

Praise Jebus for the rare good movie in early September that broke thru the crap. Super mommy Anna Kendrick befriends total opposite power mommy Blake Lively over copious amounts of martinis when their boys become besties. Then Blake goes missing. And it gets real. And weird.

That’s really all I can say about this movie without giving everything away. This story has got more twists than a peppermint stick, and I was absolutely absorbed in all of it. Just when I thought I’d figured something out, something else would happen that would blow that theory out of the water. It’s just absolutely bonkers.

What I loved most though was that the sense of humor was rather twisted, this is director Paul Feig after all. I think the one liners were the only thing that were more unexpected than the plot zigzags.

And the ladies were incredible. I knew I’d love Anna Kendrick (I always do), but I actually liked Blake Lively too (that’s a first). These are strong complicated women, and I loved seeing them play dirty. Can we get more movies like this please?

A Simple Favor – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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