The Nun

More of the September crap. I really tried to find a way out of this one. The only Conjuring movie I’d see was last year’s Annabelle: Creation and I hated it. Reviews coming in for this weren’t good. But there were literally no other movie options at the time I wanted to go. It ended up being the best movie of the week thus far (but if you’ve been keeping track, you’ll know how low of a bar that was).

Okay so a nun in a hidden and cloistered abbey hangs herself and is found by a local villager. A priest and a postulant are sent to investigate. Freaky sh–stuff happens.

Now that’s not usually enough for me to love a horror movie. The most I can really expect, and all I was really hoping for was to see some really cool visuals. On that, I felt like The Nun really delivered. To be fair, a lot of it felt like typical horror tropes with a new skin, but I’m a total sucker for subersive religious imagery, so I was already predisposed to liking a lot of what I saw on screen.

The film was basically a lot of jump scares and weird looking stuff. But the set up and the weird stuff kept my attention fairly well. It’s like junk food in a way. You know it’s not good, but it can be moderately tasty and satisfy a specific craving.

The Nun – \m/ \m/ \n

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