Mile 22

I literally knew nothing about this movie other than I saw a bunch of billboards around town with Marky Mark holding a gun. Yeah that’s reason enough. Remember, I was a Boston girl for a while. I love and support my Wahlbergs. Turns out, Mark was seemingly channeling another Boston boy, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Right so Wahlberg is some sorta savant who works for the CIA, I think, in a really elite and secretive group along with Rhonda Roussey and Lauren Cohan and the dude who played McGrady on Prison Break (I had to IMDB him after because it was driving me nuts that I couldn’t place him–you’re welcome). There’s some unimportant details about a disk and radioactive materials, but the gist is they got a dude they need to transport to the airport on the other side of town. Except there’s a lot of baddies between here and there.

Okay so what’s the Boston connection? This movie felt like Wahlberg saw his buddy Batfleck in The Accountant and thought “Hey I wanna do that movie, but with more guns, more explosions, and less character development!”. And I thought The Accountant was dull. This was much worse.

There were some decent action sequences, many of which made the case for Cohan to one day helm an action franchise, but there was nothing in between. It was so dull and incoherent, just excuses to get to the next explosion, most of which weren’t even worth getting to.

It’s a bummer because this is yet another collab between Wahlberg and Peter Berg. However, this is their first that isn’t based on a true and tragic story (see Lone Survivor, Patriots Day, Deepwater Horizon). Maybe they should go back to what works well for them. Cause this wasn’t it. This was the type of movie that my Daddy woulda picked out at Blockbuster every time, and if one must see it, that would be the most ideal scenario. It’s not worthy of your time at the theater

Mile 22 – \m/ \m/

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