Crazy Rich Asians

I know. I don’t typically do romances. Especially not on opening night. But you know what I do? I am completely in favor of representation and inclusion and diversity and all this movie represents for the Asian population and their culture. Therefore, I was more than happy to support this film, as a way to signal to Hollywood that YES! We want more of this! And actually, yes, I want more of this specifically. I really ended up loving it.

A Chinese American, Rachel (Constance Wu) has been dating Nick (Henry Golding) for some time. He invites her to Singapore for a close friend’s wedding, and the opportunity to finally meet his family. What he hasn’t told her is that his family is one of the richest on the continent. Basically, he’s Asian Prince Harry, and it’s unclear how accepting his family will be of this American nobody he’s with.

It’s ultimately about family and entitlement and identity. While it has a stylish and whimsical feel, it’s more than just a modern day fairy tale. The romance is only a piece of the puzzle for Rachel, and her struggles are about so much more. Her adversary is Nick’s mother (an icy and imposing Michelle Yeoh), and she is one of the greatest villains of the year.

The movie was unexpectedly hilarious, and the cast was incredible. Awkwafina stole every scene she was in, as I’ve come to expect from her. Wu had a delicate balance of strength and vulnerability. She’s not your fairy tale princess. She’s headstrong and established and doesn’t need anything from her man. And I’ll say once more, Michelle Yeoh. Dang. Incredible.

I’m actually finding myself wanting to watch this again, and I’ve been scoping out the book as I’ve been out and about this weekend. If this is what Asian representation is like in film, then why haven’t we had more? Can we now, please?

Crazy Rich Asians – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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