The Spy Who Dumped Me

Let’s get right into it before I come up with some other excuse to procrastinate. Mila Kunis gets dumped by her boyfriend, over text on her birthday. Her bestie, Kate McKinnon, encourages her to burn all of his crap left at her apt. He comes back to reclaim an item, chased down by assassins, telling her that the item is important for the security of the world and that it needs to be taken to Amsterdam the next day. Of course these clueless American girls are the best choice to do so, yeah?

The plot is silly. There’s no going around it. However, what it gets right, is the action:comedy ratio. That is one of my favorite genre blends, and it’s tough to get right. I think this one ended up being a pretty even split. The action scenes are great, many of which are done by the stunt team behind James Bond. The real winner tho was the comedy side. And that’s all thanks to one special lady.

Kate McKinnon. We are so not worthy of her. I’ve actually found she’s kinda the deciding factor in whether or not you’ll like the movie. I walked out of there absolutely in awe of her, and I very much enjoyed the movie. Most of the negative reviews I saw on Stardust thought she was too much or otherwise couldn’t get behind her. I just thought this was a great vehicle for her to do what she does best.

I actually saw this with a group of my co-workers, and I was terrified that it was gonna be a horrible movie and no one would like it. I felt kinda relieved when I thought no one was gonna show, and then had a minor internal freakout when I found out our group was gonna be as big as six (on the larger side for these outings). Turns out, I needn’t have worried because it was smiles all around coming out of the theater. The humor was very clever and it broke thru even some of the harsher critics in the group. I’ll take that girl power.

The Spy Who Dumped Me – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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