Christopher Robin

Okay so Christopher Robin has grown up to be Ewan McGregor and he hasn’t thought about Pooh or his other furry friends in years. Then Pooh shows up in London, asking for help in finding his pals that are lost somewhere in the Hundred Acre Wood. Workaholic Christopher now has to put aside the big project he’s trying to complete (that he’s always pushed his family away for) in order to return to his childhood playground.

That paragraph certainly got less and less original as it went on, didn’t it? That’s kinda how I felt thru the movie. Interesting starting point, but then it didn’t go anywhere interesting. It was all cliche and unoriginal. I was so bored.

As a Disney kid, I get that these characters are sacred to some. Personally, they haven’t been too high up my list (although my Mom insisted on buying me a ton of Eeyore crap back when I had an Eeyore cell phone case). But yeah, if these critters are meaningful to you, then their cute antics might be enough. I need more than that tho. Especially when it comes to the House of Mouse, I expect a lot more. This just felt lazy.

Christopher Robin – \m/ \m/

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